Techniques for Indexing Data (B+Tree, Column, Bloom Filter, Hashing, Bitmap…) in SQL Server 2012

Data retrieval and write latency is key in any database system, in this session Tony will talk about a number of different indexing mechanisms, the theory of (theory will be product agnostic) and the implementation within Microsoft SQL Server 2012 as a product feature or not.

Specific SQL Server 2012 features covered are: B+Tree indexing (clustered, none), Columnstore, Star Join Query Optimisation, Bitmap and methods of implementing Bloom and Hash indexing.


Tony Rogerson has nearly 30 years of experience of database systems, the past 20 years have been on Microsoft SQL Server, he is a fellow of the British Computer Society, holds a Masters degree in Business Intelligence and is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP. He works as a freelance mentor with SolidQ.

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